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  • Katalog

    Search for books and journals (print and electronic versions) in the collections of the RUB libraries.
    You can't search for journal articles or book chapters!

  • KatalogPlus

    Search the holdings of the RUB libraries AND get additional results from selected databases.
    Here you can search for journal articles and book chapters!

    A list of the databases (which the RUB has a licence for) being searched by KatalogPlus can be found here.

    In the list of licensed databases the ones integrated in the KatalogPlus search are indicated by this icon.

  • Selecting "Katalog" or rather "KatalogPlus"

    Click on the desired tab on our homepage. Later on you can switch between the two options and also into the advanced search.

    If you started using the Katalog, the result list will have this heading:


    You can include additional sources by deselecting the filter "Katalog RUB" - the search will now be performed in KatalogPlus.



Search Tips

  • Basic search

    Simply put in the name of the author and words from the title of the book.
    Example:  Wassermann art interactive teaching  finds  “Wassermann, Selma: The art of interactive teaching”

  • Search for a call number

    TX call number  (e.g.  TX QGA2852)

  • Advanced search

    Here you can select several fields and combine them with AND, OR or NOT.

  • Combinations

    Search terms can be combined with AND, OR or NOT.

    Artist  AND  Painter    retrieves results that contain both terms
    Artist  OR  Painter    retrieves results that contain at least one of the terms
    Artist  NOT  Painter    retrieves results that contain the term "artist" but not the term "painter"

  • Phrases

    Using quotation marks to search for a phrase (e.g "The name of the rose"; "Social media"; "Stephen Hawking"),  retrieves results where the search terms appear next to each other in the exact order in which they were typed.

  • Truncation

    Replace a word ending by an asterisk (*), one character by a question mark (?), one or no character by a hash sign (#).

    multiple characters    techni*   finds   techniques, technics, technical, technician…
    one character   M?ller   finds   Miller, Maller, Muller…
    one or no character  colo#r   finds   color and colour

  • Limit results

    There are several options to limit your results, on the left hand side of yor result list you see limiters for source and publication types, subject, publisher, language, location, collection and content provider. If you want to select more than one option click on "Show more" first.
    Example: You want to see the English and German titles in your result list


  • Limit to journals in KatalogPlus

    In addition to journal and book titles you can find journal articles and book chapters in KatalogPlus.

    Select "Academic Journals" and "Magazines" as source type for journal articles



Characteristics of the result list

  • Detailed record

    If you click on a title you will see the detailed record. This provides helpful further information such as the Bibtip (recommendations of books relevant to your topic), Information about other editions, a GoogleBookPreview if available etc.

  • Link to the fulltext of e-books

    Sometimes this link will only be displayed in the detailed record - due to technical reasons.

  • Display of the copies in stock of the RUB libraries

    Sometimes the first copy shown is out on loan, therefore make sure you click on "Show more" underneath the first location!

  • Locations on the campus

    Underneath “Location” you see where to find the item: most of the stock in the central University Library you can borrow whereas the stock of the departmental libraries usually is for reference use only.

    Attention: Even after switching the user interface to English, the library names and the current loan status won't be translated:
    If the book is in the central University library you will get the following information: Universitätsbibliothek = Central Library, Geschoss = Floor, Bereich = Area, Wegweiser will show you a map of the stated floor, the shelf the book is on is marked red, the call number, Status Ausleihbar = available, Status Entliehen = currently on loan

    If the book is in a departmental library you will get this information: Name of the library (in German), the abbreviation of the building it is in plus floor and room number (if the building is not on the campus, you will see the address), the call number, Status for departmental libraries usually is Präsenzbestand = for reference use only

  • Research Starter in KatalogPlus

    When you conduct a search in KatalogPlus, a Research Starter placard may appear at the top of the result list. For those topics identified as most popular, Research Starters will retrieve relevant articles that link you to related information and detailed bibliographies. Research Starters content is curated from a variety of high quality sources, both proprietary and encyclopedic, including Salem Press, Encyclopædia Britannica, and others.

  • Multivolume works

    If you want to see the record of the multivolume work, click on „Zur übergeordneten Quelle“ in the detailed record of a volume.

    Click on the title to view the detailed record. The available volumes are listed at the bottom. If the work consists of more than 10 volumes, click on "Klicken Sie hier um alle ... Einzelbände zu sehen" to see all of them.



How do you get access to full texts?

Try to access the full text by following the link/s displayed after clicking on this icon:

The icon "Journals online and print" (JoP) tells you whether you have access to a journal article (printed or online).

Online edition

free access
free access very likely
licensed by your library
partially licensed by your library
not licensed by your library
Printed edition

printed edition available in your library
printed edition not available in your library


No results found?

If a book was published before 1999 please also look it up in the ZKM – Zentralkatalog Monographien.
This catalogue lists books in the collections of the departmental libraries.

Order the requested item via interlibrary loan. (Only possible if no library in Bochum owns it.)

Use our form Purchase suggestion to recommend a book for purchase.


Further questions?

Information and service desk: Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm, Saturday from 10am to 8pm
Tel: 0234-32-26929