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Research Trips & Project Presentations


  • 27 October, 2020: Project Results Declared "Exemplary" by DFG

  • 2019

  • 7 November, 2019: Second Advisory Board Meeting
  • 12 July 2019: The Project @ RUB DH-Day #2
  • 30 April 2019: 2nd HOE Working Paper published
  • 8 April 2019: Publication in  'Bibliothek, Forschung und Praxis'
  • 2 April 2019: Final Report of the University Library to German Research Foundation

  • 2018

  • December 2018: HOE-Project Declared "Best Practice"
  • November 2018: First Advisory Board Meeting
  • October 2018: Reporting to German Research Foundation
  • 6 July 2018: HOE Presents @ DH-Day
  • 20 April 2018: Launch of HOE Working Paper Series
  • 22 February 2018: Launch of New Major Feature
  • 11-22 February 2018 - Belgrade - Research Trip

  • 2017

  • 15 December 2017 - Launch of the HOE-Database Website
  • 20-26 November 2017 – Tirana – Research Trip
  • 5 October 2017 – Wolfenbüttel (Herzog August Bibliothek) – Arbeitstagung – Ovidiu Olar & Dr. Ovidiu Cristea
  • 6-20 August 2017 – Oxford – Research Trip
  • 25 July 2017 – Sofia – ICOSEH – Project Presentation – Markus Koller & Ovidiu Olar
  • 28 May–13 June 2017– Florence – Research Trip
  • 16 May - 17 May - Naples - Project Presentation by Vivian Strotmann
  • 25 April–9 May 2017– Bologna – Research Trip
  • 19-28 February 2017 – Vienna – Research Trip

  • 2016

  • 16-26 November 2016 – Washington & New York – Research Trip
  • 6 October 2016 – Venice (Centro tedesco di studi veneziani) – Project Presentation – Ovidiu Olar
  • 15 September 2016 – Hamburg – Turkologentag – Project Presentation – Markus Koller & Ovidiu Olar
  • 31 August–14 September 2016 – Venice – Research Trip
  • 11 May 2016 – RUB – International Workshop “Writing History in Ottoman Europe (15th-18th Centuries)” [organizers: Prof. Markus Koller, Dr. Ovidiu Olar, Dr. Konrad Petrovszky]

  • 2015

  • 23-29 November 2015 – Budapest – Research Trip
  • 16-22 November 2015 – Sofia – Research Trip

May 2016: Convening a Workshop in Bochum

In May 2016, a workshop was convened by members of the Center for Mediterranean Studies of Ruhr-Universität Bochum and of the DFG-project "Historiography of Ottoman Europe".
Markus Koller, Ovidiu Olar and Konrad Petrovszky invited scholars of international rank to the premises of the Center for Religious Studies Bochum (CERES) to discuss a wide range of issues related to historiography in the Ottoman Empire.

These researchers' interaction and synergy provided valuable impulses for our project. We thank all those who attended and especially those who contributed their expertise through presentations in the course of the program.

Additionally, we are pleased to see the word spread by

Also, research has been conducted in archives and libraries from Budapest, Sofia, Venice and Vienna.

September 2016: Contributing to the European Convention on Turkic, Ottoman
and Turkish Studies

On September 15, 2016, Ovidiu Olar and Markus Koller presented the project in Hamburg, at the second European Convention on Turkic, Ottoman and Turkish Studies (Turkologentag 2016). Organized by the Society for Turkic, Ottoman and Turkish Studies (Gesellschaft für Turkologie, Osmanistik und Türkeiforschung) in co-operation with the Department of Turcology of Hamburg University, the Convention represented a good opportunity to interact with scholars from all over the world interested in Turkic, Ottoman and Turkish history, linguistics, philology, literary studies, social sciences, anthropology, and political sciences.

The presentation, entitled "A Bibliographic Database regarding the Orthodox Historiography in Ottoman Europe (15th-18th Centuries)", was part of the panel called "Ottoman Europe". For details, click here.

May 2017: Presenting at Naples

On 16 and 17 May 2017, the "Historiography of Ottoman Europe" project had the privilege of joining the  ARS'17 Conference
at Naples. Being the 10th edition of the conference, the meeting at the Conference Center Federico II on the shores
of the Gulf of Naples brought together young and experienced scholars from around the globe.

As part of the diverse and interdisciplinary program, HOE added a poster to the display gallery and contributed a presentation of the project in the Aula Magna. We thank the organizing committee for the outstanding experience and
the chance to share our endeavors with scholars of various fields.

© CC-BY-SA 4.0 International (Photos by Vivian Strotmann)

July 2017: Expounding the Project at ICOSEH 2017 in Sofia

Source: ICOSEH Sofia 2017

On July 25, 2017, Markus Koller and Ovidiu Olar presented the project at the 14th International Congress of Ottoman Social and Economic History (ICOSEH). Organized in Sofia (Bulgaria), the congress represents a major event for the Ottoman scholars worldwide. The presentation, entitled "Writing History in Ottoman Europe (15th-19th Centuries)", is part of a panel dedicated to the digital humanities: "Digital Humanities in Ottoman Studies: OCR, Bibliographical Database and Mapping". A "digital" panel is one of the first to be organized at such a high level, which shows the growing importance of the related topics. For details, please click here.

15 December 2017: Launch of the HOE-Database Website

On 15 December 2017, the "Bibliographical Database for Historiography of Ottoman Europe" went online with more than
3000 entries. It can now be accessed at  We hope it proves useful to you and are looking forward to
your feedback!


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22 February 2018: Launch of New Major Feature

In February 2018, we launched the first entry that makes use of a new functionality in our system: The description of the
"Atlas or Universal Map" by Gheorghe Golescu that was published by Anthimos Gazis in Vienna in 1800, includes an image of the map alongside the customary descriptions, metadata and various internal and external links. Clicking on the image will enlarge it for better inspection – and we hope that this new feature will be useful for your work. In the future, we will include further select images and pdfs of rare and special materials to further enhance your benefit from our database.

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20 April 2018: Launch of HOE Working Paper Series

In order to offer a forum for in-depth discussion of select sources, a Working Papers Series was created. Its aim is to provide a peer-reviewed publishing platform to researchers, both junior and senior. On 20 April 2018, the first publication in the series, an examination entitled "The Sons of Lucifer and the Children of Neptune: The Anti-Ottoman and Anti-Islamic Polemical Works of Gerasimos Vlachos" was published and thus launched the series, which is open to submissions."

HOE Working Paper Series

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6 July 2018: HOE Presents @ DH-Day

© CERES, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

On 6 July, the HOE project joined the 1st Digital Humanities Day of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, convened by CERES Bochum both as part of the audience and as one of the speakers. As part of the diverse range of talks, Markus Koller and Vivian Strotmann presented the genesis of the project, its development, status quo, potential for students and scholars alike and perspectives for the future. Additionally we offered visitors our first project flyer, which you are most welcome to download and pass along.

October 2018: Reporting to German Research Foundation

In early October 2018, the team of the “Bibliographical Database for the Historiography of Ottoman Europe” submitted their project report to their funding institution, the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). This marks the successful ending of the funding period of the project. Nonetheless, the websites and system established over the course of the past years will remain accessible and active – and we welcome suggestions of relevant sources anytime at Parts of the report will soon be available, here.

21 November, 2018: First Advisory Board Meeting

On 21 November 2018, the first Advisory Board Meeting of the HOE Project convened at the main video conference facility of Ruhr University Bochum. Project members and board members used this conference call to discuss achievements so far and to plan for the future. Meetings of the Advisory Board will take place in regular intervals from now on.

December 2018: HOE-Project Declared "Best Practice"

In December 2018, the HOE project was added to the list of "Best Practice Projects with External Funding" published by the German Library Association (Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V.). The list is available here.

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April 2019: Final Report of the University Library to German Research Foundation

On 2 April, 2019, the University Library Bochum submitted their final report to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). This marks the ending of the funded works. The infrastructures established for the project at and by the library, however, will be maintained, as the project remains active and open to new material.

April 2019: Publication in  'Bibliothek, Forschung und Praxis'

On 08.04.2019, an article on the Project was published in  Bibliothek, Forschung und Praxis 43,1 (2019). Further publications are forthcoming. For an overview of the publications pertaining to the project and its system, please refer to our publications page".

April 2019: 2nd HOE Working Paper published

On 30 April 2019, the second publication in the HOE Working Paper Series was published. The contribution "The Bibliographical Metadata Collection. A Guide for Contributors" offers an overview of the functionalities of the websites of the HOE project, especially of the metadata collection itself. It also provides a user guide for those who want to contribute data to the metadata collection. It is available here. If you would like to contribute or to suggest potential material for the database or for the Working Paper Series, please feel free to contact the project at

12 July 2019: The Project @ RUB DH-Day #2

The second Digital Humanities Day at Ruhr University Bochum was hosted at the University Library.  Projects from a wide range of disciplines were presented from different perspectives and our project was one of them - find the presentation here. In an afternoon's discussion, achievements, challenges and potentials of and for the Digital Humanities at
Ruhr University Bochum were discussed.

7 November, 2019: Second Advisory Board Meeting

At the beginning of November, 2019, the Project Advisory Board convened again via video conference. The current status of works on data was reported, as well as successful project-related awards, publications and presentations of the past year. Potential was identified for future growth and networking of the infrastructure. If you would like to know more about the possibilities for cooperation or our work so far, please feel free to contact us at

27 October, 2020: Project Results Declared "Exemplary" by DFG


The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) provided feedback on the reports submitted upon the termination of funding of the HOE project. In their feedback to these reports, DFG declared the project results to be "exemplary" (vorbildlich). The HOE Team is pleased and honoured by this assessment, the best grade available to the German Research Foundation in the assessment of projects.

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