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External Access to the Campus Net

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  • Detailed information on "Portals for dialing into the Internet" can be found here IT.SERVICES
    There you can also find the address, opening hours, telephone number and e-mail-address of the IT Service Center.
  • Shibboleth Authentication

Access to the University Library's electronic resources (databases, e-journals) is possible if your computer has an IP-address which belongs to the RUB (these IP numbers have the following structure 134.147. * . *.) This is automatically the case if your computer is directly linked to the campus network.

Computers, which are located outside the campus network, only have access, if you dial into the internet via the campus data network of the RUB and in doing so are allocated an IP address of the RUB.
For this you need an access entitlement (RUB network user identification and password) [German] from the Computer Center.

Please note: Library users who are not members of the university can apply for an IP address with limited rights via Library account and access as a so called. walk in user the library's licensed electronic resources. Remote access via VPN is not legally possible for these users.

By using this access entitlement your have the following dial-in-options:

VPN access using any Internet providery using arbitrary internet providers

  • Students and staff of the RUB are allowed to use VPN all over the world in order to access most of the electronic resources of the RUB. A VPN connection offers the user a safe, because encrypted, data circuit to the university. In addition the user's computer is considered as belonging to the university network, because due to the applied "tunnel-technology" it receives an IP address belonging to the university.
    Exception: For legal reasons external access is blocked for Emeriti und Alumni although for Emeriti an exception might be made in justified circumstances. Please contact IT.Services RUB's IT.Services if you would like to continue VPN access.
  • External users are allowed for legal reasons to use the licensed resources of the University Library only at the work places in the UB.

Technical specifications

For the construction of such a VPN access you need programm OpenVPN-client, which is offerd by Network Operation Center (NOC), and a valid LoginId plus corresponding password from IT.SERVICES.

Due to the change of a server certificate on 31.03.2016 it is necessary to update the VPN client. The new, adapted OpenVPN-configuration data for windows (OpenVPN_RUB.ovpn) or Mac (, are provided on the NOC website ( The old configuration file should be deleted.

After configuration and start of the client you will be asked for your LoginID and the corresponding password. The VPN connection will be set up after these have been entered. Since the number of simultaneous VPN connections is limited, it is important to terminate the VPN connection immediately when it is no longer needed.

Important changes since 4.1.2020:
For access to library services requiring a license, the extension "bib" must be added to the LoginID (loginID.bib).

VPN access is offered by the NOC, supported by IT.SERVICES. If you have any questions, please contact the Service Center of the IT.Services.

Access from the students' residences

  • For inhabitants of the students' residences there are special regulations [German].