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Current Services of the University Library

Lockdown Update 14.12.2020
From the 16th of December 2020 the Central Library and all departmental libraries will be closed as learning facilities. Study and work spaces cannot be booked anymore.

On this page we have listed the services offered by the University Library during the Covid-19 crisis.

You can contact the information team on phone 0234 /32 - 26461
(Mon to Fri: 9 am to 4 pm) or via email ub-information (at)
Here you find more helpful contact details.

On this page

 Access to electronic resources

 Services concerning the supply of literature

  Scan service - - Borrowing and returning of items - - Interlibrary loan

 Study and workspaces in the Central Library

 Other services

  Online courses - - Fees and fines - - Collecting the contents of a long-term locker
  Returning keys - - Copy and scan - - Dissertations - - University Bibliography

 Contact details

Access to electronic resources

External access from your home

Use the external access to e-books, electronic journals and databases via VPN tunnel.
Please be aware that due to high demand in the current situation the connection via VPN tunnel might be unstable.

Part of the resources can also be accessed via Shibboleth, further information about access conditions and participating publishers you can find here.

Publishers' goodwill offers

Numerous publishers are temporarily granting free access to electronic resources (journals, e-books, databases) during the Corona crisis. Click here for a list of the publishers' goodwill offers. The titles are not listed in Katalog/KatalogPLUS.


Search for e-books the RUB has bought a licence for in the Katalog/KatalogPlus
Tip: The title you are looking for is not available? Suggest the purchase of an e-book, and we will check access rights and price and get back to you. Please use our online request form Buchvorschlag online.


Search for accessible e-journals in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB)


Here you find the list of databases licensed by the RUB:
Databases in alphabetical order  |   Databases by discipline:  


Services concerning the supply of literature

Holdings on-site

Scan service of the RUB libraries during the summer semester 2020

To enable you to use our stock during this online-semester, we offer the following services:

Borrowing items from the Central Library

Please use our Borrowing and Collection Service for Items of the Central Library .
Students and staff of the RUB can order items from the holdings of the Central Library by booking a collection appointment. You can order any book that is not currently on loan and not part of the reference collection. Every user can book one appointment per day, up to 8 books can be ordered. Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm. The books will be issued at three issuing locations (windows on the ground floor of the Central Library). Click here for further information.
You will also find information about borrowing items from the holdings of the Joint Library IB (associated library) on that page.

If you want to borrow books from the holdings of the Joint Library IC (associated library) please write an email to verbundbibliothek-ic (at) The books will be issued at the issuing locations (windows on the ground floor) of the Central Library.

Returning items from the Central Library

Borrowed items can be returned by using our external self-return machine. The machine is in service Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 4 pm. Click here for further information.
If it is not possible for you or someone you trust to come and return the borrowed items at the specified times, you can send them via mail. You can also renew items by logging on to your library account.

Interlibrary loan

Borrowing ILL books

Books from the interlibrary loan service which you already received a collection notification ("Abholbenachrichtigung") for or which have the status "ready for collection" ("abholbar") in your library account can be ordered by booking a collection appointment (Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm, excluding public holidays). Please refer to our Weblog for the relevant modalities. You will need the ILL order number when booking the appointment.

Issuing of ILL articles

You can collect interlibrary loan articles which have been delivered as printouts at the issuing location 2 (window -> on the rear of the Central Library, centre, direction Audimax) without booking an appointment Monday to Friday between 11 am and 4 pm (excluding public holidays).

Returning ILL books

You can return interlibrary loan books Monday to Friday between
8 am and 4 pm. Please put the books into the book drop box labelled "Rückgabe Fernleihbücher" at the glass door of the wheelchair entrance next to the revolving door on the left of the building. You won’t get a receipt when you return the books. You can check your library account later (48 hours after returning the books since they have to stay in quarantine first) to make sure that they have been taken off your account.
If it is not possible for you or someone you trust to come and return the borrowed items at the specified times, you can send them via mail:

Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Abt. Benutzungsdienste
z. H. Herrn Althaus/Herrn Krampe
Universitätsstr. 150
44801 Bochum

Fees for interlibrary loan

You can pay the fee for your ILL order via bank transfer.


Study and work spaces in the Central Library

Study and work under Covid-19 conditions

Work spaces for students of the RUB who are writing their thesis

In the Central Library we provide 60 work spaces to work on a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral thesis. This service is only available for students of the RUB.

Please submit an application [German] and attach proof of registering your thesis. This can be done by the supervisor of your thesis via email or a scan of the letter of admission from the examination office or the dean’s office. In the application you'll also find our conduct and hygiene rules which you agree to by signing the form.

Please send the documents to ub-information (at)

The booking is initially valid until the end of October (if the situation in regards to the corona pandemic permits).

You can stay in the library for up to 6,5 hours every day (Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4.30 pm).

Work spaces for students of the RUB

For RUB students who for instance want to revise for an exam or write an assignment we offer 80 work spaces, bookable on a weekly basis. You can choose if you want to use your space in the mornings or the afternoons:
- Time slot for the morning spaces: Monday to Friday between 8 am and 1 pm
- Time slot for the afternoon spaces: Monday to Friday between 2 pm and 7 pm

Additionally we offer 80 work spaces, bookable on a daily basis. You can choose if you want to use your space in the mornings or the afternoons:
- Time slot for the morning spaces: Monday to Friday between 8 am and 1 pm
- Time slot for the afternoon spaces: Monday to Friday between 2 pm and 7 pm

Deducting the time for entry and exit procedures you will have about 5 hours a day to work in the library

Please read up on the Conduct and hygiene rules of the Central Library [German] before you book a space. You commit, for instance, to using the booked work space on at least 3 of the 5 possible week days.

Find available appointments in our booking system.

You will have to supply data such as name, student ID card and telephone number (mandatory fields) when booking. When you book a space your entry and exit times wil be displayed. When entering the Central Library you will receive a place number, which means you will be assigned a dedicated work space.

The appointments for the following week are published at 10 am each Monday and can be booked until Thursday 2 pm. If you want to cancel a bookingt after Thursday please send us a message. Please also contact us if you aren't able to come on a specific day.

You’ll have to sign the terms of use of the Central Library when entering the library for the first time. Additionally you’ll have to enter the time of entry and exit as well as the state of your health into the list provided every day you visit the library.

Here you find information about work spaces in the Joint Libraries IB and IC (associated libraries) which can be booked as well.

Further information about the work spaces

Because of the pandemic the amount of work spaces has to be limited. By restricting the bookings to one week we aim to offer this service to a lot of interested people. It is not possible to use the group study rooms or work as a group anywhere in the library.

To use the study and work spaces of the University Library you have to register according to § 4a (2),5 CoronaSch-VO [German] to enable contact tracing.

Only with a booking you can gain entry to the Central Library. It remains closed to the public otherwise to limit the amount of people present at any given time and to minimize the risk of infection for the learners on site.

Other services

Online courses

This semester we offer online courses which are conducted as Zoom meetings. Various courses are held on request - even for a small number of participants. We recommend our videos, Moodle courses and tutorials for a flexible scheduling of your online learning.

Fees and fines

At the moment you can pay your fees and fines (Fines, fees for interlibrary loan, all other fees) via bank transfer stating the follwing data:

Ruhr-Universität Bochum
IBAN   DE19 4305 0001 0001 2200 11
Reference Student identity card number or rather Library card number
AND 1302110001*
*reason for transfer

Collecting the contents of a long-term locker

If you want to collect the contents of your long-term locker please book an appointment here. Please enter the number of your locker into the field for Buchsignatur (call number):, and place the remark: Bitte räumen Sie mein Schließfach aus! (Please empty my locker!) next to it.

Returning keys

Please hand the key of your (emptied) locker to the staff at the issuing locations 1 or 2. The issuing locations are staffed Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm.

Copy and scan

At the moment it is not possible to copy or scan in the Central Library. Alternatively you can make copies or scans in the Copycenter of the SSC building (SSC 01/219). 4 devices are available. Please bring a USB stick for your scans. Observing certain hygiene rules (obligation to wear a mask and gloves) you can use the service
- Monday to Thursday 8 am to 4.30 pm
- Friday 8 am to 3.30 pm
You can buy or recharge sercice cards on site paying with your debit card or cash.
Another photocopier is located in the printing office (Druckzentrum) (UV 01/46):
- Monday to Friday 8 am to 2 pm
You can find more information [German] here.


You can submit your dissertation by mail. NEW: Submission of the electronic version of the deposit copy of a dissertation or habilitation is now possible via email or upload.

University Bibliography

It is possible to register publications for the University Bibliography.


Contact details: Central Library

Contact details: Associated Libraries

Services and contact data of the departmental libraries

This information and these conditions of use are subject to further developments and can be changed if the situation caused by the Corona pandemic changes!