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Accessing Ruhr University's Libraries from Home

Dear Patrons,
Ruhr University's libraries offer a multitude of digital media and online services, which are being expanded in these times of Corona crisis. Please use our online services in addition to our services on site and feel free to contact us!


Remote Access to the Campus Network for Members of RUB

Students and employees of Ruhr University Bochum can use the digital resources licensed for RUB (ebooks, online journals, databases) from home by means of their RUB credentials (login-ID and password). Access can be gained via a VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) or through Shibboleth. Important changes as of 4 January 2020: To access licensed contents, the login-ID needs to be complemented by the extension "bib" (loginID.bib). External patrons can access electronic resources from the computers in the University Library.


Ebooks, Online articles and more: one-stop access via RUB PRIMO

You can access digital sources (e-books, digital journal articles and so forth) via the RUB Primo Katalog
It lists ebooks and articles from online journals, for which RUB has acquired licenses. Additionally, it also helps find digital literature that is freely accessible online (Open Access).


Databases / Subject Specialists

Searching discipline-specific databases yields literature on specific subjects. They also offer the latest literature (essays, journal articles, statistics, proceedings etc.) regarding your topic of research. Licensed and freely accessible databases can be found on the following pages:

Your search in databases (and/or KatalogPLUS) yielded literature that is not directly available in full text? Here we tell you how to find out if you have access to the full text.

Please adhere to the conditions of use!

Literature that is not accessible in Bochum's libraries can be ordered via interlibrary loan..


Digital Journal Library (EZB)

The digital journal library (EZB) is a service that allows for full text access to scientific online journals. It offers structured and uniform access. Options for access vary between institutions and are indicated by differently coloured dots.



Google Scholar, BASE

  • Google Scholar
    Google Scholar is a search engine for scientific literature. Google Scholar presents search results in the form of full texts or bibliographical information. Many full texts can be accessed as PDFs. Google Scholar also displays relevant results from Google Books. Be advised! Google Books only contains partial works, never complete books. Google Scholar also finds citations of queried texts and offers options for citation.
    Tip: If Google Scholar is used via the university network, information on the availability of texts at the university will be displayed with the search results.
  • BASE
    BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) is among the biggest search engines for scientific web documents worldwide. The index comprises over 150 million documents from more than 7.000 sources. Approx. 60% of documents indexed in BASE are freely accessible in full text (open access). The search engine BASE is run by Universitätsbibliothek Bielefeld. Further information


Reference Management

Reference management programmes can be used to collect, manage, structure and cite literature. Linking reference management and word processing programmes allows for automatic generation of lists of references. Footnotes and citations can be inserted into the text easily, quickly and according to the citation style of your choice. RUB has campus licenses for Citavi and EndNote Online.


Online courses, videos, moodle courses and tutorials

Do you need help and information on the libraries of the RUB or the use of our catalogues and databases? Do you have questions concerning literature reference managers? Please use our online courses via Zoom or our videos, moodle courses and tutorials!


University Bibliography

Since its inception in 2009, the University Bibliography has listed 155.000 publications by researchers at RUB and at RUB's University Hospitals. Since 2016, RUB is a member of ORCID and, by means of the University Bibliography, actively supports its members in their use of this service. Since 2015, data on publications, which is contained in the University Bibliography, can be integrated into websites as publication lists. The University Bibliography can additionally yield valuable statistical data.
Contact: bibliographie-ub (at)


Contact us

The staff of the Central Library, joint libraries and departmental libraries can be contacted via e-mail:

Further contacts at the Central Library