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The below link will give you access to the "Historiography in Ottoman Europe" database (HOE). HOE provides you with information - immediately related and auxilliary -, links to online material and (were possible) to full text or images relating to:

  • historiographical primary sources
  • their different manuscripts, editions and translations
  • secondary literature treating the authors of these sources
  • and secondary literature treating the primary sources themselves

For each of these items, comprehensive meta-data is provided, including disambiguation of texts and authors by means of specific, scientifically recognized, identifiers.
Through "related items" you can easily navigate the conncetions between individual items. Further important information regarding the use of HOE can be found in our disclaimer.

We endeavour to continue growing and therefore offer scholars worldwide the option of contributing both primary and secondary materials to our database through a mediated process. Proposals and material in this regard, as well as
feedback, are always welcome and can also be addressed to

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