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One of the founding impulses of the project "Database of Historiography in Ottoman Europe" was provided through the significance of the material gathered by Konrad Petrovsky over the course of his work on his PhD-thesis "Geschichte Schreiben im osmanischen Europa" (Wiesbaden 2004).

It is fitting, therefore, that besides the online presence of  HOE, a book should result
from the project, as well.

HOE Working Papers

Hopefully, at least some of the unknown or less-known texts highlighted during the
project, as well as the manuscripts containing them, will attract scholarly attention
and will be studied in depth in the near future. In order to facilitate the process, a
Working Papers Series was created. Its aim is to provide a peer-reviewed publishing platform to researchers, both junior and senior, and to gradually crystallise a group of scholars interested in the topic.

The description included in all main entries indicates as clearly as possible the
research desiderata. For example, the famous short genealogical memoir attributed to Giovanni Musachi and dated
1515 – Breve memoria de li discendenti de nostra casa Musachi –, was published by the German historian Karl Hopf, in 1873. However, although the editor had shortly described as early as 1862 the codex in which the text was found, no proper description and analysis of it was ever written. Acknowledging this lacuna, the Descriptionof the “Short memoire on the descendants of our House Musachi” plainly states that “the manuscript which contains the text is very interesting and should be studied thoroughly”.

A first HOE Working Paper edits and comments a mid-17th century Italian encomium of a Venetian military commander. The text was largely ignored because the library catalogue describing the sole Greek codex transmitting it was disappointingly laconic.

The second HOE Working Paper, "The Bibliographical Metadata Collection. A Guide for Contributors" offers an overview of the functionalities of the websites of the HOE project, especially of the metadata collection itself. It also provides a user guide for those who want to contribute data to the metadata collection.

In December 2020, the third Working Paper on "Diocesan Codices Unveiling Local History: First Presentation of The 'Codex of Gjirokastër' (S. Albania) was published at

Other publications

Apart from these, further publications resulted from our project and provide information on the HOE project in a variety of formats. These include:

Further publications are forthcoming and will be given here in due course.

Web Echo

Our Database Website launched in December 2017. Before and following this event, a number of websites reported on our project and linked to it, for which we are grateful – only by spreading the word can a project expand its reach to the students and researchers it intends to support. If you would like to link to our pages or if you are interested in entering into a partnership with us, feel free to contact us.

Here is part of HOE’s web echo:

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